May 172011

Every Spring my favorite tree blossoms and reminds me of new beginnings. 

When was the last time you spent some quality time reviewing your business and all of it’s processes?  Why not make the season change a catalyst for you to do just that!

What do I mean by processes? I suggest that you look at the following and any other processes in your business.

  • How are your phones being answered?  Do you have a friendly person answering the phone relaying the image that you want for your business?

What happens to inquiries that come in?  What about complaints?  Do you have a process setup to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks?  Are your leads being followed up in a timely fashion?  Do you know where each of those leads are in the sales process?

Where do you keep information about your clients and prospects.  Paper files, legal pads, EXCEL® spreadsheets, an occasional sticky note?  Interested in learning how a simple database software tool can increase your profits and make you more organized?  Call me for a complimentary demonstration of ACT!  (719-538-6015) No pressure, just take time to learn what is possible!

When you go to a networking event, where do you enter your new contacts and how?  Have you considered a business card scanner?  Click here to learn about your options.

Have you considered moving to a paperless office, but have no idea how to make it happen?  Check out this article and then talk with your IT professional.

Do you have a marketing plan to engage your business in Social Media?  We have a complimentary seminar coming up to help you get started or move to the next step.

If any of these items have made you consider making some changes, wait no longer!

Kathleen Vanden Broecke – ACT! Certified Consultant & Premier Trainer – Effective Business Solutions