Feb 072012

Do you find that sometimes you need to be reminded to get back to the basics in your business?
Recently, I attended a group of local marketing seminars. One of the seminars that I attended reminded me of a some proven practices that I have used with my database clients, but have not used consistantly. I could make all kinds of excuses, but mostly it is because I have not been religiously using my CHECK LIST!
Check lists have been used successfully for decades in aviation operations, and are also used now more and more in the medical field, resulting in fewer surgical and treatment errors.

What were some of the best practices that I was reminded of?

1. Either on a monthly or quarterly basis, take stock of your database. Are you getting the reports that you need? Is your database doing what you want and need for the growth of your business? Is it supporting your marketing and sales efforts? These are just a few questions that you can ask yourself when utilizing your database. If your database is just being used as an address book, your are missing a lot!

2. Who “owns” your database. One person in your business should be championing your database and the use of it, making sure that it is giving you what is both expected and needed. This utilization should be understood and promoted by everyone in your organization.

So, develop a checklist specifically designed for your business/service and adhere to it religiously. It may save you from CRASHING and BURNING on your next project flight!

Kathleen Vanden Broecke
ACT! Certified Consultant & Trainer