Apr 232012

Social media should be something that will enhance your life on the CYBER PLANET!Don’t make movements with that mouse that may detract from your personal and business goals.You may KNOW what you DID,but WHAT where you THINKING?!

Ref: LinkedIn- When you connect with a person or business, the first click will DEFAULT to an instant connect.  Spend the time to click on the “Include a Personal Note” box to relay interesting data to the recipient.  It may be important if you where trying to get a position with a government or business campaign that your Dad, Brother, and Uncle just gave 4 million dollars each to the recipient’s specific campaign (12 million bucks should get you an interview!).  Also, utilize the “get introduced thru a connection” prompt when applicable.

Ref: Facebook- Friending your current spouses ex-husband or ex-wife may not be the best thing for your current marital well being!  (can you say BLUNDER McFLY?)  Just call an old college friend to get the latest info of that ex-spouse from Hell.  Also, quickly accepting a friend named Charles Manson may better be served with a close check of other contacts you have in common to see if he is that infamous convicted murderer or a personal social friend of Bill Gates, the God of the Computer industry!
       In the case of both LinkedIn and Facebook, connecting and friending should be approached cautiously.  Beware of  competitors, vendors, customers, friends, enemies, etc.,  that may have questionable  intentions.   Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt or danger in the form of personal risk, embarrassment, or business loss!
Don’t create a CYBER MINEFIELD for yourself.  Social Media can and should be fun, entertaining, profitable, educational, enlightening, etc.
A professional carpenter is said to MEASURE TWICE before cutting, so you should THINK TWICE before you click that mouse!

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