Jun 152012

You better THINK this through!  UTOPIA – an IMAGINED place or state of things which is perfect – Does not apply to this subject.

We have Nine reasons to question the viability of “The Cloud” for you and your company.  This is the first of three messages that will detail many topics regarding “Cloud Feasibility”.  As consultants we strive to tailor solutions that fit the specific needs and aspirations of our clients.   If you are an ACT! user (or want to be), we offer several “cloud based” solutions for your ACT! database.  Each offers different levels of flexibility and functionality.  We do however, want you to be satisfied with the products we recommend, so a full analysis of your needs is critical prior to making your decision to move to the cloud.  This same analysis needs to be made for any and all applications that you are exploring moving to “The Cloud”.

1.  Stable Internet Connections may not be available in many physical locations or situations.  Most of us have had loss of internet connectivity either at the office or while on the road.  That means you have NO ACCESS to your cloud data.   Also, Government and private enterprises are always fighting over cyber rights and manipulation of system.

2.  Security of information and sensitive data. Keep in mind that your information is exposed to the entire planet!  If the Pentagon can be hacked, so can your cloud and everyone else bundled into it!

3.  You may loose the flexibility to use your current customized configurations of  applications that are important to you. Examples would be accounting system integrations, nightly imports of updated data from one application to another.   Also, hardware such as business card scanners and other imports you may be performing may not fit into “The Cloud”.


Jun 092012

The Long Ranger rides again!  Yes, his horse’s name was “Silver” (not to be confused with his sidekick Tonto’s horse “Scout”).  Why all this talk of  “SILVER”– because Sage ACT! has just turned 25 years old, so it is their magic Silver Anniversary.

Between the chaos of spreadsheets, and the expense and complexity of many CRM programs,  lives and alternative- ACT!- the Customer Management solution.

Imagine something that keeps all your phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, to-dos, and documents for everyone you do business with in one, organized place.  What if this info was easy to find and even easier to update, so you could stay focused on building long-lasting, profitable relationships?  Sage ACT! is the # 1 Contact and Customer Management choice of small businesses and sales teams designed to do just that.

Along the way the method of naming the evolution of  14 different versions of ACT! changed,  so when you contact us regarding where your version stands  in the 25 year old family, we can clarify your specific match to your current needs or aspirations.  We also can compare ACT! to other types of CRM products, specific brands, and related data base management systems!  (cloud or software based).

Technology is moving at WARP speed,  and to keep up with your competitors,  increasing requirement of information systems,  and a world of new communication devices,  you need the latest CRM methods and knowledge!  We can recommend additional supplemental programs that work with ACT! to enhance  customization to your company and industry specifics.

So KEMOSABE, (which means “Faithful Friend” in Potowatomie Indian language) — Call us to get info on compatibility of ACT!’s  past versions or the latest and greatest version,  with your existing hardware and office technology etc.   This is not your GRANDFATHER’S  data base management system!


Kathleen Vanden Broecke

ACT! Certified Consultant, Trainer & Faithful ACT! User for 25 years


 kvb@actcolorado.com                       www.actcolorado.com