Jul 022012

Recently, several catastrophic events have taken place affecting our clients both within and outside of the United States, natural disasters such as floods, forest fires and electrical outages stemming from heat waves, just to mention a few.  We hope that our neighbors here in Colorado will be able to rebuild, return to surviving structures and/or resume normal business activity soon.

In light of these recent events, we would like to remind everyone of the importance of having back-ups for your computer systems.  More specifically, making sure that you have all of your critical data backed up (including your database, accounting systems and any other mission critical data).  From an economic standpoint, the most important thing is to be able to continue doing business after a natural or man-made disaster has occurred.  If you get the call to evacuate your home or business immediately, it would be nice to know that your critical data is backed up. You can either physically take your backup with you or have it in “the cloud”, where you can draw upon it to restore.  We at EBS can guide you through the various options and-or implementation to fulfill this very important need for your friends, family or business.

Please have a safe and enjoyable remainder of the summer!  Contact us for more information on backup and cloud-based solutions for your business.


Kathleen Vanden Broecke

ACT! Certified Consultant, Premier Trainer and Hosted Solution Partner


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