Jul 222012

This is a continuation of our nine topics exploring the “Cloud feasibility” for your company, and important factors to consider when making changes in your database systems.

4.  The “creeping cost” of the cloud provider, caused by add-ons and charges for future services. Need I remind you of the past experience that everyone has had with cable TV companies!  Losing  Turner Classic Movies unless you fork over more money, will be pale in comparison to losing control of all your customers Social Security numbers!

5. If the cloud doesn’t perform per your expectations, how can you get your data back, and at what expense?  They can literally SHUT YOUR BUSINESS DOWN!

6. Quick access to your data may not be available to all the current and future communications equipment (laptops,I-Pads, smart phones, and future undefined devices).


Kathleen Vanden Broecke

ACT! Certified Consultant, Premier Trainer and Hosted Solution Partner


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