Dec 062015
My newest ride

My newest ride

There are two types of motorcycle riders- Those who have laid their motorcycle down, and those who will!
It happened in 1998 in Elbert- Colorado– they had just finished laying six inches of gravel thru the entire town for future paving plans. I was cruising along great until I turned off the main road. When the leader of my trip decided to make a U-turn, things didn’t go well for me! Quite inexperienced at the time, I attempted a low speed U-turn in the loose gravel. I thought it would never happen to me, but I dropped the Harley Davidson like an old movie stuntman on a lame horse! Luckily it hasn’t happened since, my current ride is shown above.
What does the above incident have to do with computers– A LOT! There are two types of computer owner/operators- Those who have had a hard drive crash and those who will have a hard drive crash sometime in the future. And so it goes, a few months ago, the hard drive on my main computer crashed. The good news was that I had a backup of the data on my computer, but I did not have a backup of the image on my hard drive. What does that mean? That means that my operating system needed to be reloaded and all of my programs needed to be reinstalled and registered. Many do not have original software and/or serial numbers to re-register software.
So again- Do as I say, and not as I DID! Make sure you back up on a regular basis all your information. It can be done on a manual basis, or by utilizing software and/or hardware systems to automatically sync or copy your information. This is NOT a time to skimp!  After all, if you suddenly lose the data on your server or one of your critical computers in your business, what would you do? Over the years, I have used a product called Carbonite to backup my data. Their prices are reasonable and today they have even more options than were available when I first started using them.  If you are interested in looking at either backing up just your data backup or also backing up the actual image of your hard drive, I suggest that you check them out.  You can click here to learn more.  They even have free trials!
Why, you ask am I focusing on this topic with so much intensity? I have looked in the eyes of clients who have lost all of the data on their computer, and as an Act! software consultant and trainer it is devastating not to be able to help!
Don’t let it happen to you– It will ruin your day and probably negatively affect your business!  Give me a call if you need information that will protect you from loss of data on your computer system. You can then sleep much better with less worry from the DATA GRINCH!

Kathleen Vanden Broecke, Act! Certified Consultant & Trainer

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