Mar 212016

depressed_trollIf you believe the political pundits, a large percentage of the electorate is stressed and worried about the upcoming presidential election. What does this have to do with your business?  In many cases, a lot!

Are you spending your time and energy worrying about politics?  Then your business is losing out! Whenever there is uncertainty, people tend to freeze instead of being proactive.  Don’t allow your business to suffer the unintended consequences of your inattention, put your focus back where it belongs.

Start mining the data in your  CRM.

  1. Lookup customers who have not been contacted in the past 6-12 months. Give them a call just to say hi. This is a perfect time to solidify your relationship with them and find out if they have any unmet needs.
  2. Work with your sales staff to verify that they are documenting all of the phone and physical calls with prospects and clients. Your database should be updated daily.
  3. Confirm that your sales staff in documenting all quotes and Opportunities in your database. Make sure you run reports weekly on Opportunities and review their status with sales on a regular basis.
  4. Schedule a webinar and send out email invitations through your database to introduce any new products or services to your client base and prospects.
  5. Update information in your database with information specific to the products and buying habits of your customers. Once that data is input, you will be able to target them with emails or physical mailers that are specific to their needs.

After nearly three decades of working with Act! and hundreds of client databases, it is amazing to see just how powerful a tool a database can be for businesses.

As always, let me know if I can assist you with your database needs. My goal is to help my clients grow their businesses and prosper no matter what the political climate.

Kathleen Vanden Broecke, Act! Certified Consultant & Trainer – 719-538-6015



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